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All Jerseys are embroidered like the players on the field.

Using our detailed double-stitched embroidery, every number, logo and letter gives you a prideful feeling of wearing your exclusive jersey.

100% Premium Polyester Fabric.
• Numbers are embroidered/stitched.
• Letters are embroidered/stitched.
• Team name is embroidered/stitched.
• Your Logos is embroidered/stitched.
• Personalize the back with any text (eg. your name, nicknames, etc.)
• Available in sizes XS-8XL


1. If the team name or the name on the back overlap, we will adjust the size accordingly so that all letters will fit on one line.

2. If your logo is not transparent, we will adjust it so that it won't have a background.

3. Your logo will be embroidered/stitched in the center of the jersey, as well as on both sleeves.

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